There’s no single task more important to the financial success of individual investors or businesses than accurate bookkeeping. The services provided by Jennifer Whitis, CPA will streamline corporate bookkeeping practice, lower the cost of doing business, and generate valuable financial reports for companies and individuals.

Bookkeeping Entry

We’ve got years of experience working with all types of clients, from casual solo investors to large corporations. In every case, our first priority is to help establish an efficient entry system, leading the way to greater profits.

Once you’re up and running, tracking financial trends, monthly reporting, and data retrieval for tax deadlines all become simple and stress-free. We’ll help you to keep an eye on problem areas before they get out of control, and free you up to do the work you do best while we do ours.

Quickbooks Training

Quickbooks, while an awesome piece of software, is something of a double-edged sword. In fact, with incorrect bookkeeping Quickbooks can quickly become a bit of a nightmare. To avoid problems, take advantage of our clear, straightforward Quickbooks training.

We’ll help you set it up, teach you the best and most reliable ways to use Quickbooks, and keep in touch with you to help with periodic reports, fix the little glitches, and keep your system running smoothly. As your accountant, your bookkeeping is as important to us as it is to you.

Quarterly and Annual Reporting

Businesses of all types know that payroll tax compliance is crucial to financial solvency. Late payment penalties and interest add up fast when payroll taxes are late or incorrectly filed. Our bookkeeping accounting services deliver quarterly and annual reports that keep you in compliance with payroll tax requirements.

Accurate, efficient, and always accessible, the bookkeeping services of Jennifer Whitis, CPA will keep your business running smoothly and your personal finances in the black. Call us today for personalized bookkeeping services that make the difference!