When you’re seeking help with business finances, it’s of ultimate importance to find someone you can trust. Jennifer Whitis, CPA has built a reputation for sound, trustworthy business financial advisory services over 15 years of work with a wide range of businesses.

Entity Selection

It’s far more than just a name. Selecting the right entity to identify your business will be one of the most important decisions you make as a business owner or entrepreneur. Our business advisory accounting services will analyze your needs and provide you with the most advantageous options for your particular situation. We help you consider all of the factors involved in entity selection, and offer solid guidance as you make this decision.

Purchasing and Selling a Business

There are times when buying an existing business may be a better option than launching a startup. However, the cost of purchasing a business is generally much greater than the cost of starting your own. We’ll help you to weigh the pros and cons, with good advice backed up with hard data.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to sell a business, we can help navigate this complex process. With our business financial advisory services you’ll enjoy the most advantageous valuation of assets — the perfect balance between your desire to sell and a potential buyer’s desire to buy.

Cash Management

No factor is more important to the success of your business than strong cash management. Our business advisory services give you access to the cash management techniques that increase business cash flow, reduce the impact of cash outflow, and leverage idle funds to increase profits.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business, purchase or grow an existing one, or sell a business for the best possible return, Jennifer Whitis, CPA has the experience, knowledge, and savvy to achieve your desired outcome. Make a great business decision – call us today.