Businesses and individuals face similar challenges when it comes to taxes. Tax laws are constantly changing, and details are easy to overlook. The tax planning and preparation services provided by Jennifer Whitis, CPA will keep you on top of all the latest developments and maximize your savings while maintaining compliance with current tax law.

Tax Planning

Our proactive approach and deep knowledge make us a superior professional tax planning advisor. We help investors and businesses consider all the angles — including the best timing for purchases, the most productive investment choices, and even insurance coverage — to create situations and portfolios that are truly tax efficient.

Professional business tax planning provides companies with improved returns to investors and increased working capital. For individual investors, sound tax planning advice results in more disposable income and responsible management of personal finances. Our tax planning services help companies and individuals create a road map to a more secure future.

Tax Preparation

We believe that good tax preparation is an ongoing process rather than an annual event. With Jennifer Whitis, CPA as your tax preparation consultant, this process will become both predictable and controllable.

We have a wide-ranging expertise in business and personal taxes. Our accurate assessment of your tax liability will include every valid deduction possible. When we’ve prepared your returns, you’ll know that they’ve been completed with total attention to every detail, and that you’re receiving the most honest and favorable result that current tax law allows.

IRS Representation

As our client, you’ll have years of experience at your back no matter what tax problems you or  your corporation might face. We deliver competent, effective advocacy for IRS issues including audits, settlements, and appeals.

Tax liability can have a dramatic impact on finances, both corporate and personal. Our services balance this impact in your favor, with the skilled and knowledgeable tax preparation 2014 requires. Call us today for professional tax services that make a real difference!